Grandma & Grandpa Heit

Dearest Jacob,


Grandpa and Grandma Heit would like to tell you how much we love you. 


It started in June 2006, when Grandpa and Grandma were at your house in Sherwood Park.  Grandma was looking through a stack of pictures of your mom & dad’s trip to Alaska, when she came across a scrapbook cut out of a baby carriage.  Grandma was so excited and ran to show Grandpa her discovery.  Both of your parents were at work, so we arranged to meet your dad for lunch.  We quizzed your dad on if there was anything he wanted to tell us, anything new, just anything.  Your dad did not reveal their precious secret. Finally, after revealing the baby carriage scrapbook cut-out, your dad announced the big news – Yes, we were going to be Grandparents!  GRANDPA AND GRANDMA WERE SO HAPPY WE DANCED ALL AROUND!


Early on January 29, 2007 Grandma received a call that your mom and dad were on their way to the hospital.  Grandpa and Grandma immediately drove to Sherwood Park.  We were so excited – we waited – and waited – and waited – finally you arrived.  GRANDPA AND GRANDMA WERE SO HAPPY WE DANCED ALL AROUND!!


On February 11, 2008 Grandpa and Grandma got to babysit you for a whole day by themselves.  Your mom reviewed your baby-sign language book with both of us.  Grandpa and Grandma were so proud of you – wow – you could now talk with us by sign language.  Yes, Grandpa and Grandma were up to the babysitting challenge.  Jacob you woke up early and then you had breakfast, then we got you dressed. If was off to Costco (with snacks of course), home for lunch, a quick nap, then a snack, then supper and lots of play time in between.  Grandpa and Grandma could not believe how much you could eat!  But they followed your signing of More and More.  The next day your dad called Grandpa and Grandma and said we did a good job – but – the baby sitter wonder what you had eaten the previous day – as you had 3 major diaper changes during the day.  GRANDPA AND GRANDMA WERE JUST “GRANDPARENTS IN TRAINING” AND WE WERE SO HAPPY WE DANCED ALL AROUND!!!


Jacob, in the 14 months you were with us:

         you were the happiest and most entertaining little boy

         you loved your mom & dad & puppy – so very much – and they loved you so very much

         you had the best family a little boy could wish for

         and everyone loved you from head to toe!

         You loved trucks, cars, balloons & puppies and



You brought JOY and EXCITEMENT to our lives and more then we could ever imagine.


Jacob, we love you and we will miss you.  You will be forever in your hearts.  GRANDPA AND GRANDMA WILL MISS DANCING WITH YOU ALL AROUND!!!!



Grandpa & Grandma Heit