Mom and Dad

Easter - 2008

A letter to our son,


We love you.  Words we wish we could say to you just one more time.  One of so many things that we wish we could do or say just one more time.  We miss you so much; our hearts are just breaking to pieces, and our lives are falling apart.  Fourteen months wasn’t long enough to show you how much we love you.  We needed a lifetime and more.   From the moment you were born, you captured our hearts and our world.  Life will never be the same; the world will never be the same without you in it.  You touched so many people, brought laughter and happiness, with that beautiful smile and those mesmerizing big brown eyes.  We are so blessed to have known you, and even though we’re all mad at the world for taking you away from us too soon, we would rather have know you for only 14 months, that to never have known you at all.


So many things in your life were cut short, and so many things that you didn’t get to experience.  We wish we could have given you the world, but instead you gave it to us.  You gave us smiles from the time you were 7 weeks old.  You gave us laughter in those little giggles that escaped whenever we tickled your toes.  You showed us determination as you learned to walk – you fell down, but you got up and did it again.  And you showed me how to hope.  But when we need it the most, you are still showing us how we need to survive and be strong like you were.  When we used to come home from work, you would be waiting for us at the door, with tears in your eyes because you missed us so, and because you were so excited to see us.   And now as we write this, it’s us with tears in our eyes just standing here, staring out the door waiting for you to come home.  But just like you knew that we loved you and were there with you, even when you couldn’t see us, we need to remind ourselves now that you’re still here with us, even though we can’t see, hear, smell, touch or hold you.


We have no regrets in your life.  We wouldn’t change a single thing.  We just wish that we could have shared in your life for a little longer – parents aren’t supposed to outlive their children, it’s just not natural, it’s just not right.  But we have to believe that it was just your time to go, that someone needed you more than us.  I may not agree with it, but I have to believe that everything happens for a reason.  Your purpose in life was to come to us, and to bring love to us and everyone who knew you.  We’re so proud of you, and who you became.  You, our little man, were a fighter from day one.  You were strong and tough, but you loved to hug and to be picked up and cuddled.  Your smile was contagious, and your laugh made our hearts skip a beat.  And even though those eyes had so much mischief in them, all you could see was love.  You were so smart; we can’t even count how many times you amazed us, and sometimes even outsmarted us.  You were a fantastic son Jakie, we couldn’t have hand-picked a better one.  And even though we still feel that you were short-changed in life, we believe that no one could have lived a fuller, happier life that you did yours.  We are so proud of you, and will always be.  You were a miracle in our lives, a true blessing.


We just hope that we did everything we could to make you happy.  We hope that we showed you and told you each and every day how much we loved you and how thankful we were that you were part of our lives.  We hope that you never forget that, because we know that we never will.  We have to take solace in the fact that you’re safe now.  That you’re home up in Heaven, and that you’re keeping watch over us.  Although we’ll never be able to touch you again, we know that every day for the rest of our lives, you’ll touch our hearts.  You’ll never be gone; you’ll always be with us.  We love you more that we could ever explain, and we miss you more that anyone could ever imagine.  You were our world, and we want to thank you for that.  You showed us the true meaning of life.  We love you so much.  Our little man, our little Jacob, our little angel, our little miracle.  We love you so much.


Love always and forever,

Mom & Dad