Auntie Kerri & Uncle Joel


Dear Jakey

You became the center of our world before we knew it.  We were supposed to be the ones to teach you, yet it was you who taught us everything.  You showed us what pure love is.  You taught us what family truly means.  Your big open-mouthed grin always brings a smile to our faces. You taught us to live life to the fullest with great passion and joy.

We wish we would have had the chance to teach you more.  Including those things Mom and Dad wouldn’tJ  Boys weekends out were a blast, even if you missed your nap and Uncle Joel had to feed you in between head bobs!  Auntie Kerri loved every minute we had together, just the two of us.  Whether we were dancing in the kitchen, banging on pots to help Auntie cook better, having PJ parties all morning, jumping in the bed blankets, chasing your kitties or having pool parties, it was so much fun.  We even tried breaking bedtime curfew for you, but Mom and Dad held their ground!

Baby, we miss you so much our hearts ache. In only 14 months, you were able to leave this world a better place.  You made us better people, and we will be better parents one day because of you. Your cousins are going to know all about their big cousin Jakey, and how special you are.  We promise we’ll teach them how to use dump trucks properly (nothing goes in the back!). 

We feel like your second mom and dad, and we thank your parents for sharing you so selflessly with us. You are in our hearts forever.  You turned our world from black and white to color.  Every moment we spent with you was a cherished gift from God. We love you so much Jacob.


Smooshy-face kisses,

Auntie Kerri and Uncle Joel